The Helicopter brand aims to help people who face problems due to unhealthy lifestyle. The brand reflects one’s lifestyle defined by dealing with issues arising from unhealthy living.

In real life, a helicopter often saves lives. The vision of the Helicopter brand is to “save health” or, in other words, to change eating habits that may arise from unhealthy lifestyle. Of all flying machines, a helicopter is the most versatile one. Since its take-off is vertical, no take-off runway is needed. Furthermore, it can practically reach every corner of the world. A helicopter can take off and land almost anywhere. Similarly, the Helicopter products are also very practical and a perfect fit for healthy lifestyle.

They are packed in a practical packaging and you can take them anywhere. They can “land” anywhere (for example, on salads, in soups, ice cream, yogurt, bread or eggs – the only limit is your imagination). They are also practical in terms of time you spend eating and can now be saved. It is a sort of healthy fast food.

The advantages of the Helicopter comprise health benefits, practicality, reliability, authenticity. In the logo itself reflects these very attributes. In the logo itself, there is a bite and a take-off. This is also why our slogan reads no worries. »H«as in helicopter and, at the same time, »H« as a symbol of health.